Analysis of “The poem…reflects the choices consciously or unconsciously made concerning the subject positions, community affiliations, and meaning making activities of self understanding, represented in written language. Poetic identity (or range of identities)…can be interpreted in the writing…of the poem” (Hanauer, 59).

There are many ways of interpreting poetry: some are viable, some are not; some work with specific poems only, others are good for general study. Looking at a poem as a “window to the soul of the poet” is often a dangerous psychological game, where we more often than not, invent the person behind the poem. “Dangerous” here…

Ode to a Grasshopper


(I hope)

the only reason

That I am this pre-autumn

Afternoon in the privacy

Of my suspicious living room

Grant myself permission

To believe in god once again

Is solely because I saw

Ode to a Grasshopper by Pedro Pietri

An unexpected grasshopper

Staring at my thoughts

On the table that keeps

The telephone from having

A mind of its very own

At first I was startled

And then I was startled less

At the sight of this insect

Put together in green details

To pay me an afternoon visit

39 floors above floor level

In my High Rise Hobo apartment

Miracle on 53rd…

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary with keypoints

In this book, Robert Kiyosaki talks about his two dads; one is his biological father and other is the father of his friend Mike.

Robert’s father holds a PhD degree and goes to a 9–5 job. In Robert’s eyes, his own father is an epitome of a poor man; one who spends his entire life dependent on single source of income.

Contrary, his friend’s father happens to be a college dropout. However, he is always open to opportunities, has multiple sources of income and makes the money work for him. This personality epitomises the rich person for Robert.

However, that…

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